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Garage Door Repairs Projects in Westport CT

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Garage Door Repairs Projects in Westport CT

Making sure you enjoy a reliable, safe, and convenient garage door operation is our top priority. We use only the best brands, parts, and products to make sure every problem will be fixed the first time. Scroll down to check out our most recent projects!

Track Replacement Near Southport Area

Track Replacement

Customer Issue: The customer’s tracks received many repairs over the decades, and they got to the point where they might fall apart any day. Some new tracks were the only option.
Our Solution: Since the tracks were still serviceable, the operation was simple. We raised the door off of the tracks, unscrewed them from the walls, and then installed the new set of tracks. We leveled the new tracks and aligned them carefully, and then slid the door back into place after tightening them to the frame.

Kelly Moltra - Southport
New Garage Door Installation Near Westport Area

New Garage Door Installation

Customer Issue: Mr. Wheeler wanted experts he could trust to safely install his new garage doors.
Our Solution: Once the original garage doors were completely removed, our professionals prepared the new Raynor Advantage series doors to be installed. The rollers were put into the track and the cables and springs secured before the openers were connected.

Zachary Wheeler - Westport
Spring Replacement, Southport CT

Spring Replacement

Customer Issue: A noisy, listing garage door tipped the customer off to a tangle in one of her extension springs.
Our Solution: Door locked open and unplugged, the team slowly unscrewed the caps and eased both springs loose before removing them, taking particular care with the tangled one. After maintaining the extension cords, they installed the new springs and put everything back together.

Linami Kubeza - Southport
Sensor Alignment In Westport CT

Sensor Alignment

Customer Issue: Misaligned opener sensors.
Our Solution: The first thing we did was check the lenses of the photo eyes, and while doing so, we discovered that they got out of position. We realigned them both and then made sure the reverse mechanism was fully functional.

Viki Donaldson - Westport
Opener Repair By Garage Door Repair Westport Company

Opener Repair

Customer Issue: Opener wouldn't start.
Our Solution: After thoroughly troubleshooting the problem, we determined that the fault lied with the circuit board. We replaced it with a new one that matched the opener model, and the device was able to return to its functional state.

Frank Danny - Westport
Garage Door Off Track In Westport CT

Garage Door Off Track

Customer Issue: Door got off track.
Our Solution: We repaired the damaged part of the track which caused the problem and reinserted the rollers inside it. Then we made sure the cables hadn't been damaged in some way, and that the other track wasn't bent or misaligned.

Grant Joven - Westport
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The Best Technicians

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100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

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