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Garage Door Repair in Westport CT

Garage doors can be a handful. More than a few homeowners will know the frustration of a door that suddenly refuses to open when its time to leave for work in the morning. If you fear something has gone awry with your garage door system, give us a call. With over ten years’ experience servicing local residents; we're confident that our professional team can handle any problem you might be experiencing.

Professional & Customer Focused

Our team prides itself on adapting to the needs of our clients and on providing a great service at a reasonable price. We operate everywhere within the local area, and can send our technicians out on weekdays and weekends alike. Repair, replacement and installation are all within our purview, as well as routine maintenance that will keep your garage door working for a long time into the future.

Top Quality Parts In Westport CT

When our experts make a house call, they'll usually have a wide selection of replacement parts with them so that any faulty components in your system can be replaced when the problem is identified. There are lots of options available on the market from a variety of manufacturers. Our technicians are familiar with all the major brands and can help you choose the parts best suited to your needs and price range.

A Few Garage Door Services We Provide In Westport:

Garage Door Maintenance

Just because your garage door looks fine doesn’t mean there aren’t underlying problems starting to develop. It’s generally recommended that you have an expert examine your system at least once every six to twelve months. Our team will go over your garage door with a fine tooth comb in search of issues that could become more problematic. We'll also take the opportunity to oil your tracks, lubricate your springs and straighten your sensors to keep them in good working order. Occasional routine inspections like this can help to prevent a disaster!

Garage Door Opener Replacement

Whether you're after a quiet, noiseless opener unit and need help choosing the right one, or simply want to replace your old and worn system, our team can help. We'll make any necessary adjustments and ensure all the safety features work as they should. We’ll also program the remote control and show you how to operate your new model.

Spring Replacement

If there’s one component of a garage door that deserves special attention, it’s the springs which regularly lift and lower your heavy door. These parts do most of the heavy work when it comes to opening and closing your garage door, which also means they’re placed under the most mechanical stress. If there’s a problem with your springs, don’t try to fix this yourself! These components can snap or come loose during repair attempts, causing injury. If your spring has already broken, our team can safely replace it.  Call for professional assistance, and let our experts resolve the issue.

New Door Installation

Are you a new homeowner looking to add an automatic door to your garage? Or, perhaps, you’re doing some renovations on an old property and want the garage completely remodeled? Our team has you covered! With the wide selection of parts at our disposal, we can help you pick and choose to build the system you want from the ground up, and install it with a minimum of delay and inconvenience. Installing a new garage door requires you to take several factors into consideration: noise, aesthetics, functionality, and expense. Our technicians are happy to help you make an informed decision that will give you a garage door you’re satisfied with.

Garage Door Repair

Over time, wear and tear can reveal multiple failure points in an automatic garage door system. For example, the tracks that your door moves along can warp or crack, making it difficult for the panels to rise or fall. The door panels themselves can break. Belts can fray or twist. Openers can fail, and electrical wires can burn out or lose their coating. Whatever harm comes to your overhead door, our experts will know what to do, whether the solution calls for just a bit of cleaning and scraping or a full reinstallation.

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