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We know how inconvenient a jammed garage door can be, and we’re here to help! Our technicians are experts at dealing with a wide range of malfunctions. So whether you need to have your springs replaced, some type of problem with your opener or panels repaired, we can provide the solution you need. Our experts at Garage Door Repair Norwalk have the knowledge and the skills to handle all sorts of problems.

Broken Springs Repaired On The Spot

The wear and tear that makes the springs on the door break is the most common issue with garage doors. A broken spring means the door now has no muscles to pull it up and keep it stable while in the air. That means you might get stuck inside or outside the garage, or at least your car will. Now, repairing broken springs on garage doors is a very dangerous endeavor. You need to avoid the risks of DIY attempts and let a professional do it faster and better. For expert garage door spring replacement in Norwalk or nearby, you’ve got our local repairmen to contact. Let us handle any broken spring so you stay safe and save money on future repairs down the line.

Garage Door Opener Can’t Open or Close

The main brains and brawns of your garage door can experience problems from hardware or electronics. Repairing garage door openers can prove quite difficult, especially when troubleshooting is concerned. You see, it’s not always immediately obvious where the problem lies. A garage door opener not working can occur due to photo-eye sensor misalignment, motor gear breaking, or logic board issues. To save yourself money and time, let our professional Norwalk garage door opener troubleshooting repairmen take care of the issues when they crop up. You don’t want to accidentally damage another part of the opener during the repairs, so we offer same-day solutions for all hardware and electrical faults. 

Torsion and Extension Spring Replacement

If you’re dealing with a garage door that gets unbalanced, takes more effort to open than it used to, or has completely stopped working, don’t panic! You may be dealing with a spring related problem. Now, these components can be incredibly dangerous, so while you shouldn't panic, expert assistance is required. You should definitely avoid trying to open your door. Our technicians can safely perform the required replacement and make sure that your new springs work flawlessly and efficiently. We will have your door operating smoothly again in no time.

Professional Opener Repair

Our company works with well-known brands of garage door openers such as Sears, Amarr, Chamberlain, and many more. We can do more than install these devices, of course. If you start experiencing some problems, you can also count on us as far as repairs are concerned. Whether you require motor repairs or to have a broken trolley replaced, our experts can take care of it.

Remote Control Issues

Lost your remote control…again? Don't worry, we can replace it. If you’re one of those people who get frustrated by having to use different remotes for different things around your home, we’ll propose a universal remote control solution that connects seamlessly with your other smart gadgets. Alternatively, if you want to do away with remotes all together, with our opener replacement services we can help you get a new model that supports smartphone connectivity, which will allow you to open and close your door with your phone.

Garage Door Panel Replacements

The appearance of warped or damaged panels can spoil the aesthetics of your door and ruin its curb appeal. In some cases, it could point to bigger underlying problems in the structure of your garage. Our team is able to repair individual panels or replace them entirely. The main benefit of a sectional door is that only the damaged units will need to be replaced, as opposed to the entire thing.

Emergency Garage Door Repairs

You can never predict the day your garage door becomes misaligned, or plan exactly when one of its cables will snap. That's why our company responds quickly when urgency is required. Contact our team and we'll fix whatever problem you are faced with.

Affordable and Quick Garage Door Repair Solutions

Speed becomes very important for most garage door problems. After all, if the door can’t open or close like you’re used to, it throws a major wrench in the routine of your day. Our local Norwalk garage door repairmen provide fast solutions at cheap service rates. From repairing garage door openers to replacing a broken spring (torsion or extension type), we offer customers from all over the fastest fixes to any issue. When you need garage door repair services at low costs with great results, you give us a call! 

In addition, we offer:

Bottom Seal Rubber

Bottom Seal Rubber

Replace Door Sections

Replace Door Sections

Fix Garage Door Track

Fix Garage Door Track

Roller Replacement

Roller Replacement


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