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Garage Doors Repair Projects in Fairfield CT

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Garage Door Off Track Near Southport Area

Garage Door Off Track

Customer Issue: The Mackersons were moving some new furniture in and out of their garage, and the door somehow came off track. They don’t know how they managed it, and we couldn’t tell either, but the door needed putting back in place.
Our Solution: We unplugged the opener and disconnected the door, and then raised it out of its hinges by hand. After checking the rollers to make sure they were all in place and aligned, and that the tracks were screwed in tight, we replaced the door.

Carro Mackerson - Southport
Garage Door Troubleshooting Near Fairfield

Garage Door Troubleshooting

Customer Issue: Mr. Carter’s garage door was making a lot of noise while moving, and even while not moving as well.
Our Solution: Our technician inspected the customer’s garage door system, specifically taking down the opener to examine it. It was found that the motor was in disrepair and was causing the problem, so it was replaced with a new one.

Morris Carter - Fairfield
Opener Repair in Black Rock | Garage Door Repair Fairfield, CT

Opener Repair

Customer Issue: The customer’s garage door wouldn’t open all the way, stopping about two thirds of the way up.
Our Solution: The team checked the hinges and tracks for mechanical obstructions and then, after finding none reset the opener and calibrated its limit and travel settings from the factory baseline. Mrs. Salem’s automatic garage door is back to working within the desired boundaries now.

Gizera Salem - Black Rock
New Garage Door Installation | Garage Door Repair Fairfield, CT

New Garage Door Installation

Customer issue: Garage door installation.
Our solution: We first set up a consultation and estimate appointment to better understand what our customer was looking for. We went over a few selected models and the door of choice was a classic white aluminum with windows by Clopay. On the second appointment we removed the old door, and installed the new one to Mrs. Bartosz’s satisfaction.

Margaret Bartosz - Fairfield
Panel Replacement | Garage Door Repair Fairfield, CT

Panel Replacement

Customer issue: Dented panel.
Our solution: We first made sure there was no damage to the tracks and that the door was balanced before ordering the exact type of garage door panel through one of our suppliers. When this project ended – the door looked brand new!

Rosella Gates - Fairfield
Roller Replacement | Garage Door Repair Fairfield, CT

Roller Replacement

Customer issue: Roller off track.
Our solution: We've detached the door from the opener and made precautionary steps before replacing the damaged roller. We then followed the process up with a mandatory safety inspection to ensure everything was working smoothly and securely. Customer was satisfied with the end results.

Phoebe Peace - Westport
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